Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's different and unique about Tucson Business Advisors?

Answer: We can provide you the experiences and expertise of the best business leaders in the world, who have been where you are and who have already successfully addressed the challenges that you're facing. And, we can do it at a fraction of the cost that you'd expect.

Question: I would like to have some help, but I can't afford it or don't have the time right now.

Answer: I've known business owners who have legitimate cash or time constraints. I've also known business leaders who "didn't have time to take a time management class". If you believe that you can benefit from some help, my advice is that you get it, and sooner rather than later. Once you find a business advisor you're comfortable with, work with them to develop a plan to meet your objectives. It would not be unusual for us to improve cash flow or profits enough to more than offset any cost for our services.

Question: Can you provide some references?

Answer: As a courtesy to our clients, we do not use them as references. You protect what goes on inside your business, and we will protect your proprietary information too. When you do business with us, our policy is that whatever happens in your business stays in your business.

We also don't do reference checks on our future clients. We could both spend a lot of time trying to decide if we should be working together. We believe that the best way to make that decision is just to start working together. We make getting started easy and low risk. Let's identify a project or task and get started. To be sure, in less than 4 weeks we will both know whether we are helping you in a meaningful way. If it's not what you expected, we part ways and remain business friends.

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Question: What is a Trusted Business Advisor?

Answer: Have you ever wished that you could have someone in your business who you could confide in, and who you knew would give you straight and unbiased advice without any other agenda? Someone who knew your business as well as you do? Well, now you can have that person.

Question: How do I know if I need a Trusted Business Advisor?

Answer: Every business owner or executive can benefit from the experiences of others. In fact, most executives of larger companies (Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Marc Andreassen, and the CEOs of Intuit, HP, Honeywell and many others) all enjoy the benefit of working with an advisor. Why would you want to "reinvent the wheel" when others have gone there before you?

  • need more sales?
  • need more profits?
  • need more cash flow?
  • need more time to do the things you want?
  • need an exit strategy?
  • need to regain that lost original vision for the business?

Then you can benefit from working with us.

We can provide you an opportunity to have an experienced business advisor, at a fraction of the cost that you'd expect.

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Question: What are the benefits of working with a business advisor?

Answer: Some of the quickest and best benefits of working with a professional business advisor are:

  • business decisions will be improved
  • stress will be reduced
  • guesswork on cash flow and financial reports will be eliminated
  • bank and supplier relationships will be improved
  • problems will be identified earlier, so they will cost you less
  • crises will be reduced
  • your workload will be reduced
  • your time will be made free for personal and business priorities

Question: Do you work only in Tucson?

Answer: Most of our clients are located in the Tucson-Phoenix corridor, but we've worked with clients in other states too. And, with today's technologies, we can work effectively almost anywhere.

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